1. I recently had a criminal record check(CRC) done by another agency (employer or other volunteer group). Do I need to do one for Rotary?

If the CRC was an eCRC certificate through the Ministry of Justice Criminal Record Review Program (CRRP) program and includes sector checks for both children and vulnerable adults, no you do not. In that case, it just needs to be shared with Rotary District 5040 through our dedicated web portal to the CRRP program site.

2. What is a vulnerable sector check?

A vulnerable sector check is an enhanced criminal record check. This type of record check was created in 2000 to protect children and vulnerable persons. Vulnerable sector checks are used to verify if an individual has a record suspension (formerly pardon) for sex offences. They also include checks of national data bases maintained by the RCMP and local policy records where the applicant lives.

3. How the electronic system different from the paper CRC system administered by the police?

It is fast, centrally controlled, shareable with other registered organizations, does not require a physical presence at a police office, except by exception. Application is free and can be accessed 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Response time is a function of the number of applicants in the system and can vary from 10 days to three weeks.

4. If the eCRC cannot be processed for what ever reason, does that preclude me from being a Rotarian?

No, but if may place some restriction on activities that involve youth and vulnerable adults. In some cases, you may be requested to attend your local police station for further verification.

5. How often will I have to have an eCRC completed?

Every 4 years, as per Rotary International regulations.

6. When will I need to renew my CRC?

Your Rotary Member Profile in ClubRunner has six tabs of information about you. The 2nd tab "Rotary" will indicate if you have a valid CRC on file with District 5040, which you and your club will be able to monitor when you need to re-apply.

7. I did a paper CRC through the police less than 4 years ago. Do I need to do it again?

No, if you completed a paper CRC and it is currently on record with District 5040 you will not need to do one. You can check on your Member Profile, as it too will indicate when you are up for re-application.

8. I have been a Rotarian and volunteered for many years and have never had to do a CRC. Do I now have to complete an eCRC?

You are strongly encouraged to do so. This allows you to volunteer for any activity that comes your way as a Rotarian. The added benefit is that you may be capable of volunteering with other registered organizations without reapplying for another CRC.

9. Will I remain a Rotary member while the checks is being done?

Yes, as long as your membership fees are paid. Having a background check is currently not a function of being a Rotarian, but is an expectation.

10. How does my club keep track of my status?

As of 2017, each members Member Profile in ClubRunner will reflect your status. There will be no notification if the member is not current, it is your responsibility to monitor your status. Club secretaries are able to run reports for their club about who is and who is not in compliance.

11. Is there a cost for this process?

No, the eCRC application is free. If additional verification is required(finger prints) there may be a charge by the local police. Fees are generally waived when there is certainty that the applicant is a volunteer. To ensure that when you attend the police station, take a copy of a letter signed by your Club President identifying you as a volunteer. Further information in this regard is on the Rotary Background Check website.

12. How long will the eCRC take to complete?

The online application will take less than ten minutes based on feedback from over 400 applicants. Notification of the results continues to bounce between 10 days to three weeks, depending on the application volume.

13.What is the deadline for completing the check?

There is no deadline as such, but there is an expectation that you should have an eCRC done to become a volunteer with your Club.

14. How is the approval information letter returned to the applicant?

There is actually no such thing as an approval letter. What is received by Rotary is an email "Notice of CRC Results" indicating that they can find no reason for the applicant to not volunteer working with children or vulnerable adults. Once confirmation of a negative result is received, the member will then be notified by email and a copy will also be sent to the club President. It is up to the member to notify the club. At that time a clearance designation will be registered on that members personal Rotary Member Profile. The club will not receive any correspondence regarding the Criminal Record Review Program, but club reports can be run through ClubRunner by each club on the Member Profile District Designations.

15. Can I have a copy of the clearance notification once Rotary District 5040 receives it from the Ministry of Justice?

The applicant and club president will receive an email that they are "good to go" at the same time their Member Profile has been updated to indicate the same. In the confirmation notification email to the applicant, there is an indicator that if they wish a copy of the confirmation email the District receives it will be forwarded upon request by the applicant.

16. Will I be told if anything shows up on my record?

Remembering that the application for an eCRC is between the applicant and the Ministry of Justice, no third party including Rotary receives any indication of anything but an approval. If the CRC finds an offence relevant to working with children or vulnerable adults, a letter will be only sent to you from the Ministry of Justice explaining the adjudication process. You will be asked to provide a written submission with more information. If you do not respond, a decision about your application will be made based on the information available to the CRRP. If for some reason the application is denied, Rotary will be advised only that the file is closed. In summary, Rotary only receives "go" or "no go" information regarding your application, and nothing else.

17. Who else may request or be given information regarding my CRC with Rotary District 5040?

If you wish to share your eCRC status with another organization registered with the Ministry of Justice, you can complete an online sharing request through that organizations specific web portal.

18. I don't want to do the check online or I do not qualify as per the above. Is there an alternative method to authorize a check?

Yes, there are two alternatives. On the Ministry of Justice web site there is a long form that can be filled out manually and submitted through Rotary or you can apply through your local municipal or RCM Police.

19. Can Rotary District 5040 accept a paper CRC from the RCMP or another police agency in British Columbia.

Yes, if you prefer, just as long as the CRC has a vulnerable sector check included in the search criteria. If you are in the process of arranging a paper CRC, the original, not a copy, must be submitted to the Rotary Compliance Archivist. Copies of CRC`s are worthless and will not stand up in a court of law.

20. What do I need to have in order to complete the eCRC online?

  • You will need to confirm your name and contact details with the CRRP(Criminal Record Review Program).
  • You will also be asked to provide your Drivers Licence number(if you have one).
  • You must be a resident of Canada for at least two years.
  • You must have a credit history in Canada of at least six months.
The Ministry of Justice uses this to verify identity in cases where there may be duplicate names. You will be expected to answer correctly a set of security questions unique to your personal credit history. If you are unable to do so you will have to submit a criminal record check consent form manually. This will require confirmation of your identity by the District Archivist in writing.

21. What happens if I authorize the eCRC but receive a letter from the Ministry of Justice advising that I am required to have fingerprints taken to complete a Vulnerable Sector(VS)check?

Rotary District 5040 recommends that you complete the fingerprinting as it is part of the VS check requirement related to your eCRC application. The reason is that you, like about 5% of the population, have the same birth date as someone on the National Sex Offender Registry and their is need for verification.

22. Will Rotary District 5040 cover the cost of fingerprinting?

No, but fees are waived by most police departments when there is a certainty that the applicant is a volunteer. That can be accomplished with a copy of a letter signed by your Club President indicating that you are a Rotarian and volunteering for community activities and will not be receiving any remuneration. (Download Sample)

23. How is confidentiality respected?

The District Compliance Archivist is bound by the confidentiality required by the District bylaws and the Provincial Ministry of Justice. The Provincial electronic system is operated on secure server and the data is full encrypted. Disclosure of any data by the Criminal Record Review Program(C.R.R.P.) is only done at the request from the member applicant involved, not by Rotary or the District Archivist or any third party organization, or as required by law.

24. If I have any questions, who can I contact?

Ron J. Davis, District Compliance Archivist - email: ron.davis2@shaw.ca