In April 2016 the next Council on Legislation(COL) will be held in Chicago.



I have been selected by District 5040 to represent the District at this legislative body of Rotary International. The Council on Legislation is a working meeting where one representative from each Rotary district meets every three years to debate and vote on legislation proposed by clubs and districts.

Clubs and districts may propose legislation to be considered by the next COL in 2016. Legislation proposed by a club must first be endorsed by the clubs of the district and the District Governor to be considered by the Council.

Please note that the deadline to submit legislation for the 2016 Council is 31 December 2014. 

If you want to submit a proposal, please consider the following questions for each proposed legislation:

• Does the item address a matter of international scope, or is it a purely local or regional matter?

• Does the item address a subject of importance to the larger Rotary world, as opposed to a matter of purely personal interest to the proposer?

• Would the matter be better served through the use of a petition to the RI Board, as opposed to legislation for the Council?

In order for District 5040 to obtain the necessary approval of the clubs in the district please submit any proposed legislation to me by November 15th. For additional information refer to the document 2016 Council on Legislation How to Propose Legislation. Additional documents are available on request and on the Rotary website.

Part of the job as the District representative is to help clubs prepare their proposals for the Council. Please let me know if you are considering submitting one or more proposals.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to serving as District 5040’s COL Representative and working with you.

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District 5040