Posted on Apr 15, 2024
Happy Spring!!! As the sun begins to shine and the flowers bloom I hope this message finds all you members well throughout our District.
Congratulations to all the 2023-2024 Presidents for your leadership and inspiration you have provided your clubs. The service and fellowship this has fostered has been such a joy to witness. At this point in our Rotary year  - 99 percent of club visits are done BUT I would love to come and attend any spring events, service activities, or even membership or fellowship opportunities as my schedule allows. We have less than three months left in our term together - please please reach out if there is anything I or the D5040 Team can do to support and strengthen your club!!
This is the time of year to continue the momentum and continue to create engaging opportunities - this will ensure we keep our Rotary family together and retain the members in our clubs. Together we can do this - and there are tons of opportunities to inspire, connect and learn - again reach out to the D5040 Team if you'd like to brainstorm or have one of us visit your club in person or virtually. 
Conference is less than 2 weeks away - there are a few spots left - register now!! Hope to see you all in Terrace April 26-27!! Check out the program highlights.
Learning Opportunities - stay tuned and watch for more information from District Governor Elect Drew and District Trainer Elect Jan regarding the Year Ahead Sessions. As well as training for Club Secretaries with Executive Administrator Nancy and her dynamic team and the session for Treasurers with our District Finance Committee members. Stay up to date with the District's events calendar.
President's seasonal meeting - stay tuned for a message from District Learning Facilitator Peter Clarke as we will be scheduling this after the conference. Looking forward to connecting with you one last time this Rotary year and seeing how we can help to make the transition smoothly and support all your retention efforts. We will discuss your 2023-2024 goals and what can be done to ensure clubs achieve them and get the Rotary International Citation. 
The District Annual General Meeting is set for the first weekend of May - watch for details and get your club proxies signed up!!
Finally, as always so much gratitude for all your time, talents, tools and treasure you give to Rotary - collectively it enables us all to create hope in the world - it is the magic of Rotary.
Much love,
Shirley-Pat Gale
District 5040 Governor 2023-24