Toastmasters helps people find their voice through training in communication and leadership. 1st Vice President of Toastmasters International Margaret Page will speak at the 2020 Vision Conference of Rotary District 5040 about the new strategic alliance between Toastmasters and Rotary International which promises to unlock the great potential of members in both organizations and the world of service.
Members of each organization will have the opportunity to expand their skills. Rotaractors will work with a co-branded program to develop their communication skills, while Toastmasters will support those individuals in their growth. 
Margaret Page will examine the history of our two great organizations and the potential for our new relationship.
Founded at roughly the same time with a similar spirit of service over 100 years ago, Rotary and Toastmasters will explore how the two organizations can shape the next 100. Margaret will walk through essential information about Toastmasters International while addressing the future of our new alliance. How will it help members now? How can Toastmasters help Rotarians create even more good in the world?
Having joined Toastmasters nearly 20 years ago, Margaret has become inspired as she has tapped into her true leadership potential. She is a business coach, author, and etiquette expert who held several district positions before joining the international board in 2015 and the executive committee in 2018. 
Participate in this informative session about how Rotary and Toastmasters can increase the value of each other’s organizations as they unleash positive change.