2020 Conference Details

The 2020 Conference Committee is building a list of informative and exciting speakers.  Check below for individuals who will widen your horizon and give you that 2020 vision.

More speakers will be added frequently.  Check with us regularly to see the latest.  Again, much more to come.

Author and scriptwriter, Rick Antonson, is the former President & CEO of Tourism Vancouver, which launched the successful bid to bring the 2010 Winter Olympic Games to Vancouver and Whistler.
Recognized by the tourism and international meetings industry in Canada, United States, Europe and Asia, Rick also served as chair of Destinations International (based in Washington, DC), and deputy chair of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (based in Bangkok, Thailand).
His most recent book, Walking With Ghosts in Papua New Guinea, was published in Fall 2018. The New York Times noted at the time of publication that his book, Route 66 Still Kicks, was "one of the best books of the bunch" in a Christmas book roundup. The Chicago Tribune called his book, To Timbuktu for a Haircut, a "travel classic."
Kirsten Bloomquist is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She helps people to access their subconscious mind, awaken to their potential and live a life of fulfillment. Her clients have included professional athletes, business owners and even a billionaire.
You can program your mind to get what you want... and she is the one to show you how!.

Sameer Esmail is a first-year university student from Burnaby, British Columbia currently studying International Relations at the University of British Columbia.

As a global citizen, Sameer has worked extensively within his community to enhance student voice and raise awareness of global issues. Sameer’s passions range from debate to politics to geography. Sameer has represented his community on a national scale at Rotary’s Adventures in Citizenship and at Forum for Young Canadians.

Sameer has also worked on a recent community service mission in Ecuador, worked with local elected officials, and represented his high school graduating class as Valedictorian. Most recently, Sameer took on the role of Junior Team Canada Ambassador on the 2019 Global Vision Trade Mission to Malaysia and Singapore.

Sameer looks forward to sharing his passion for global citizenship at the Vision 2020 Conference.

Rumana Monzur is living proof that hope survives the worst adversity. In June 2011, Rumana's world became completely dark-she lost her sight within 15 minutes when her husband tried to kill her. Along with blindness came many hardships and challenges. Yet, in facing these challenges, Rumana did not lose her spirit. She still sees herself as the same person she always was: The same Rumana, who always believed in celebrating life.

She started her career as a lecturer in International Relations but after becoming blind, decided to change her career. Rumana graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada in May 2017 with a law degree, and is currently a counsel at the Department of Justice Canada in Vancouver.

Today Rumana is a beloved lamp-lighter who instills light and love wherever she goes and speaks

1st Vice President of Toastmasters International Margaret Page joins Vision 2020 to examine the history of these two great organizations and the potential for our new relationship. Rotary and Toastmasters were founded with a similar spirit of service and have thrived for 100 years — now, it’s time to see how the two organizations can shape the next 100.

Page joined Toastmasters nearly 20 years ago. The organization has inspired her to tap into her true leadership potential. Page is a business coach, author, and etiquette expert who held several district positions before joining the international board in 2015 and the executive committee in 2018.

Page will walk you through essential information about Toastmasters International while addressing the future of our new alliance: How will it help members now? How can Toastmasters help Rotarians create even more good in the world?

Filipino Canadian activist and humanitarian  Dr. Marina Roma-March founded Third World Eye Care Society (TWECS)  a Vancouver-based, International Charity of eye doctors and opticians who travel to developing countries to provide thorough eye exams and prescription eyeglasses. She has pursued a mission of alleviating the burden of poverty by helping people see better.
For 25 years Marina has traveled to the most destitute barrios around the world to break the vicious cycle of poverty. She shares with us her insight about the poor and how we can make a greater impact in their lives, not from the top down but from the ground up by taking advantage of a recyclable resource found in every Canadian home.
Born in the Philippines, Marina moved to Canada when she was six years old, pursued a career in Optometry and practices her profession in Vancouver’s eastside, her childhood home.
Recognized locally and globally for her passion and dedication, she is the recipient of the Philippine Presidential Humanitarian Award, Flare National Volunteer Award and Presidential Circle Award by VOSH International (Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity)