April 26-28, 2024
Terrace and Skeena Valley, BC

Imagine a journey into the heart of northwestern British Columbia, where the world within is magnificent mountains with teeming inlets, dense forests, and sleeping volcanoes.  As you view this breathtaking landscape you connect with your Rotary family to celebrate, open your heart to diverse ways of being.

Experience these ways of being with the peoples of this land in the territories of the Tsimshian, of the Haisla, and of the Nisga'a.

Create inspiring memories and adventures into a world within a world, of culture(s) since time immemorial, and of stories as together we Plant Seeds of Peace and Hope.

Come join us in beautiful northwest British Columbia! 

District Governor 2023-2024
Shirley Pat Gale & Brostar Ron Malmas
2024 Conference Details
Latest News from the Conference Committee
The Conference Committee is pleased to announce an opportunity to visit the Kitselas Canyon.
Kitselas Canyon is a fascinating cultural and historical site located in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. It is a place of great significance to the Kitselas First Nation, who have inhabited the region for generations.
The first bus will be leaving at 08:15. At the registration desk there will be a signup for buses and other transportation.
Please wear good shoes and be prepared for the weather as we cannot promise a warm sunny day. For those quicker on the hike, morning nutrition has been arranged to be at the Kitselas hall, where the lunch and conversations will be held.
If you are looking for somewhere to eat, here are some options. 
All distances are based off of the Best Western.
The Conference Committee is pleased to announce Rotary Peace Fellow, S.R.“MARTIN”.
A licensed Landscape Architect by trade, Martin chose to forego his career to pursue a passion for
peace fulltime after being awarded the Rotary Peace Fellowship in 2016. As Global Partnerships
Manager for Mediators Beyond Borders Int’l (RI Service Partner), Martin uses his diverse background
in environment, architecture, and social entrepreneurism to design effective peacebuilding programs.
Mediators Beyond Borders International’s mission is to build local skills for peace and promote mediation worldwide. Since 2007, more than 300 distinguished MBBI professional mediation, arbitration, conflict transformation and trauma recovery specialists have been catalyzing the success of local partners working to build a more peace “able” world in 42 countries across five continents. 
If you are driving to the 2024 Rotary 5040 Conference, or looking for a few things to do while in the vicinity with a couple of hours to spare, Click here for a few ideas. More will be added as Tourism & local input is added.

Since 2021, it has been the dream of our current 5040 District Governor, Shirley-Pat Gale, to renew the vision of our past district governor, David Hamilton, by having a district conference in Terrace, BC, in partnership with the Nisga’a Nations and Mediators Beyond Borders International. This coming conference, Planting Seeds of Peace and Hope, is a testament to her dream being fulfilled, and it is becoming something even more meaningful.

Being respectful of the cultural traditions of our Nisga’a neighbours has meant that we have had to adjust some of our plans.
The Conference Committee is pleased to announce Ron Malmas as our Master of Ceremonies.
Ron is District Governor Partner in all things Rotary with Governor Shirley-Pat Gale of District 5040 and is the 2024 Conference Co-Chair.
Due to low registration numbers, the conference committee has decided to increase the registration price by $25 on the 16th of March to encourage registrations within the next two weeks.
The Conference Committee is pleased to welcome the Rotary International Presidential Representative, Carolyn Johnson, as a speaker for the Saturday night Gala.
Carolyn Johnson is a member of Yarmouth Rotary and served as District Governor for D7780 in 2013-14. She is Vice-Chair of TRF Cadre of Technical Advisors, Chair Emeritus of the Basic Education & Literacy Rotary Action Group (BELRAG), and District 7780 Global Grants Chair.

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