District 5040 Don Evans People of Action Award Criteria


The Don Evans People of Action Awards are presented to Rotarians in District 5040 who take action to create lasting change in their communities and the world.

The Don Evans People of Action Awards typically will be presented annually by the District Governor at their District Conference.  It is anticipated that approximately 10 Don Evans People of Action Awards will be awarded annually.


The nominee must have demonstrated an extra ordinary level of service, with an emphasis on personal leadership and active involvement, that resulted in specific action being taken that helped others through Rotary. This award may reflect an ongoing service or it may relate to a one time set of exceptional circumstances. 


The award will be in the form of a certificate from the District Governor and at the discretion of the District Governor may include a token of their appreciation.  The Rotarians awarded the Don Evans People of Action Award will be recognized on the District 5040 website 


Nominations may be made by any District 5040 Rotarian and require the endorsement of the Club President or Assistant Governor on behalf of a District 5040 Rotary club.

Selection Process

The nominations will be submitted to the District Governor and the District Governor will have the sole discretion of selecting the Rotarians to be awarded the Don Evans People of Action Award.


Nomination forms must be received by the District Governor by April 1 each year.


All Rotarians in District 5040 in good standing are eligible for this award every year. 

Nomination Form

The nomination form found in this section of the website must be used to nominate a Rotarian for the Don Evans People of Action Award.  The information submitted on the nomination form will form the basis upon which the District Governor makes the award selections.  Those Rotarians making a nomination are encouraged to ensure that the information contained on the form is thorough and accurate.