Qualifying your club in order to apply for grants
The qualification process helps ensure that your club understands your financial responsibilities for the stewardship of grant funds, and is prepared to take them on as well as understanding the process for applying for grants and the requirements to be met.
Qualification must be completed each year.
To qualify, at least two members of your club must participate in the District 5040 Grants Webinar and or the Grants Management Seminar in the Learning Center on My Rotary. At least one member must have taken the Grants Webinar and another member the Grants Management Seminar. Members who have previously taken the Grants Management Seminar only need to take the re-certification course. A copy of the course completion certificate must be sent to the District Grants Chair.
Your President and President-Elect must sign the MOU
Memorandum of Understanding This form must be signed by your club president and president-elect and a scanned copy must be submitted to the District Grants Chair
Memorandum of Understanding Worksheet This worksheet will take you through a step by step process to help you understand what you are committing to when you sign the MOU
Club Financial Management Plan  All Clubs that apply for a District Grant are required to have a  Financial Management Plan relating to the receipt and application of funds from the District Grant. This worksheet will give you a draft template version of the Club Financial Management Plan that can be used as a template for developing your own club’s approved plan.
MOU Resources A guide to implementing the MOU in your club