When Jack Hotell was reviewing the activities of District 504 in preparation for his year as Governor 1981-82, he became convinced that a record should be made of the history of the District, together with a profile for each past Governor.  In making his assignments, he asked me to take on that task.

It has been interesting, for the profiles themselves tell of the way Rotary has grown and developed, based on the Rotary object of the ideal of service.  Completion took longer than anticipated, since securing information and pictures of the men who had served over the period of 65 years was a challenge.

We are indebted to many who have contributed:

  • For the area map, the legal description, and list of past Governors to Ken Ford, past Governor of Edmonton, and to our own Art Simpson who each spent several days in Evanston searching the files there.
  • For checking the records in Vancouver, for encouragement, and for some profiles to past Governor, Bill Keenlyside.
  • For additional searches of the records of the Vancouver Club and elsewehre, and for pictures of that club's Presidents who became Governors, to Stan Evans, Club Secretary Noni Wildman, and photographer, Jack Campbell.
  • For information and picturs to other past Governors, club officers and members, and to several families of past Governors.

To each and all, my sincere adn hearty thanks.

- Win McLean, District 504 Historian