District 5040 Membership Chair - Tom Smith
District 5040 Extension - New Clubs Chair - Del Paterson



How the District Membership Committee can help you 

·         In collaboration with the District Governor and district leaders, initiates membership development and retention strategies

·         Assists in the formulation of annual District membership and retention goals.

·         Promotes the implementation of the Club Leadership Plan, with particular reference to membership development and retention.

·         Educates and motivates Rotary clubs regarding new member orientation and mentoring.

·         Disseminates Rotary International membership material to Assistant Governors.

·         Serves as a resource to Rotary clubs regarding membership development and retention.

·         In collaboration with Assistant Governors and Club Presidents, strives to achieve annual District membership and retention goals.

·         Provide appropriate recognition to Rotary clubs and individual Rotarians for significant achievements in membership development and retention.