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Eliminating poor vision in the developing world.


Dr. Marina Roma-March


Third World Eye Care Society/TWECS 



  • Active member of the Rotary Club of Deer Lake (Burnaby)


  • Filipino Canadian activist and humanitarian, has had her eyes set on alleviating the burden of poverty with the most precious of all our senses
  • For 25 years, she has dedicated her life to enriching the lives of others by correcting a lifetime of poor vision for people in the developing world.
  • Born in the Philippines, she moved to Canada when she was six years old, pursued a career in Optometry and practices her profession in Vancouver east-side, her childhood home.
  • Founder of the Third World Eye Care Society, an International Charity of Eye Doctors and Opticians who travel to developing countries to provide thorough eye exams and prescription eye glasses.
  • Over 100,000 of the world's poor have been given opportunities for education and better health from gaining their eyesight.
  • Recipient of the Philippine Presidential Humanitarian Award, Flare National Volunteer Award and Presidential Circle Award by VOSH International 


Eliminating poor vision for people in the developing world

For 25 years, Dr. Marina Roma-March, Optometrist, has traveled to the most destitute barrios around the world to break the vicious cycle of poverty.  She shares with  her insight on the poor and how we can make a greater impact in their lives.