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Benefits of Reverse Mortgage


John Charbonneau


The Mortgage Group


  • John Charbonneau is a 12 year member of The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen and has been a licensed Reverse Mortgage Specialist for over 25 years.
  • John has helped hundreds of clients find the right financing for their residential mortgage needs and works as an independent unbiased advocate for his clients to find the right financing needs for their specific real estate interests.
  • He is licensed in the Province of BC and works with a wide variety of lenders including banks, trust companies, credit unions, life insurance lenders and monoline lenders. In the vast majority of cases his fees are paid by the lender to help you secure the best financing. Born and raised in BC Lower Mainland,


With an aging population and massive equity in real estate, John has developed a presentation explaining away the myths around the concept of using a Reverse Mortgage as one of many tools to enhance your retirement.
This light and entertaining presentation will show you why a Reverse Mortgage is safe opportunity to improve your retirement with one of two different plans. He is an engaging speaker with a humorous twist to his presentations.