District 5040 fully supports the general direction taken by Rotary International with respect to COVID-19.  Rotary has a long history as a pro-vaccine organization and has been lending its support to the COVID vaccination effort around the world.  Rotary has also supported hygiene measures, the provision of protective equipment and education efforts in support of those objectives.   Rotary International supports adherence to health regulations and guidelines, but also goes further in its efforts to protect the health and safety of its members and staff.   For example:
  • Senior leaders and Rotarians must demonstrate proof of vaccination prior to attending meetings at One Rotary Centre, our world headquarters in Evanston.
  • At the upcoming International Assembly, for Governors-Elect, all in-person attendees must be fully vaccinated and must be masked at all meetings.
District 5040 emphasizes the need to follow all health regulations, which is the minimum required standard.

District Meetings and Events

For District meetings, we are asking that all in-person participants be fully vaccinated, and that for individuals unable or uncomfortable to participate in person, that virtual options be made available.   Of course, many meetings can be held by Zoom, and the District Zoom account is available for District committees. 

Club Meetings and Events

In the interests of everyone’s health and safety, we urge clubs and Rotarians to follow the example of Rotary International and go further, especially in all we do in Rotary, and follow COVID health and safety recommendations as well.   We suggest that consideration still be given to virtual or hybrid meetings when appropriate, but to meet in person when we feel that is safe and beneficial. We do recognize that clubs are self-governing in these decisions and are confident that they will take them in the interests of health and safety.