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Installation of Rotary Club President

-------------------------- the role of President is the highest honor one can attain at the club level and you have earned the trust of your Board and club members to provide Leadership to the RC of  --------------- .It is a real privilege afforded to you , and this also will qualify you  to move onto  important District Leadership positions; The  Assistant Governor role ; and eventually the District Governor role as the only Officer of Rotary International within your District. The members of your club rely on you to inspire them ; motivate them; engage them;  have fun and fellowship so that your members look forward to attending your meetings regularly.

You have and will continue to receive world class Leadership development opportunities for you and your Team .I would encourage you and your Team to participate in the appropriate RI and District Learning and Development opportunities; District & International Conferences so that your club and its members stay relevant and serve your local and International communities. Your Leadership and Inspirational ability  is going to dictate the future of this already amazing club .

I ------------------------, swear that I will execute the office of President of the RC of ---------------------------, and that I will to the best of my ability support and assist my Assistant Governor; the District Leadership Team and Rotary International and that I will uphold the constitution and bylaws of this club.

---------------we wish you an amazing and memorable --------------year and promise to assist and support you in whatever it takes to make this one of the best years of your life !   Fellow Rotarians , please welcome your Leader for the --------------year , ----------------------- !

Installation of Rotary Club Officers & Directors

The Leadership Team of a Rotary club creates the shared club Vision ; supports the District & Rotary Vision so that the Organization is fully integrated to make our world a better place. We will rely on you to tell us –how to best support you and your members so that we are driving value to you that will enable you to meet or exceed your goals for the coming year ! Your fellow Rotarians have elected each of you to your respective positions because they trust and believe in your Leadership and abilities.
Will you fulfill the responsibilities of your office to the best of your ability and in accordance with the constitution and bylaws of this club ( we will ).
I hereby declare the new Officers and Directors installed and give each  you  and President --------------the authority to govern and lead the RC of ----------------------------.

To all our outgoing Officers & Directors -----we thank you for your contribution and efforts and want you to know that your continued mentorship ; engagement; and serving your District in a position that interests you is extremely important and strongly encouraged !

Fellow Rotarians, please come forward and congratulate your -----------------------President and his/her Leadership Team !